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DOS - 297 k -
INTERCOM V4.28 is a program, providing multimode decoding and sending for morse,
rtty, ascii, tor-fec, bpsk31/62 and feldhell. It also can decode tor-arq.
It really is the ^TOP^ of the decoding programs with a simple opamp modem.


DOS / Graphic Packet - 130 k -
GPPIC V2.2 is a program for making and transmitting pictures to each other during a packet connect with Graphic Packet

Download GPPIC

DOS / TSThost - 17 k -
BAKEN V4.02 is a utility for TSTHOST, providing a really good configurable beacon

Download BEACON

DOS / Graphic Packet - 18 k -
CHECK V1.5 is a utility for Graphic Packet to give information about your system to the one you're connected with

Download CHECK

DOS - 3 k -
CP V1.8 is a little program to start playing an audio cd in your CD-ROM drive

Download CP

DOS / FBB - 46 k -
FSGLIST makes an overview of the programs at your FBB mailbox

Download FSGLIST

Windows '95, '98, NT / winFBB - WAY BIG over 1 MB -
MSGEDIT is an editor for the messages in a winFBB mailbox

Download MSGEDIT

DOS / Graphic Packet - 15 k -
LINGO V1.0d is a 5-letter game for to be used with Graphic Packet

Download LINGO

DOS - 42 k -
WIZARD V1.3 is a program for gathering info to transmit 7+ FILES over packet radio

Download WIZARD

DOS - 290 k -
Buisinfo bevat gegevens van ruim 1600 buizen


DOS - 330 k -

Logboek voor zendamateurs, gericht op nederlandse situatie.

Download LOGBOEK

DOS - 65 k -

Database voor denksportcompetitie met automatische speltoekenning.

Download COMPETE

DOS - 40 k -

Sudoku oplosser met logische en brute force methode.

Download SUDOKU

DOS / Source - 6 k -
Scanself is an example how to self detect assembler programs for any changes


DOS / Source - 5 k -
CRCinpas is an example how to self detect pascal programs for any changes


DOS / microcontroller Utility - 13 k -
68HC11 loader can put your programs in an 68HC11 microcontroller

Download 68HC11 LOADER

OS/2 / info Utility - 20 k -
HOURCOUN keeps track of your usage of the motherboard under OS/2


OS/2 / Program assistant - 40 k -
LINEUPAS aligns the source code of Virtual/Borland Pascal


All the programs on my pages are packed with the archiver LHA Version 2.13
If you do not have this, you can download it here.

Download LHA


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